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About Us

About Us

Here are some of the key features of Eatsleeps:

Food discovery

Eatsleeps aims to help discover food recipes using a combination of cuisines, diets, food dislikes, meal schedule and other aspects such as the daily calorie requirement.

Macro and Micro-nutrients information

Break down of the nutritional value of recipes, thereby allowing users to understand the number of calories being consumed along with the nutritional value present in the recipe.

Nutrimeter – find your recommended calorie intake

Nutrimeter is a Eatsleeps feature that takes into consideration the meal schedule and the suggested daily calorie intake to provide recipe recommendations that meet the energy requirement.

Meal planning, Shopping List, Recipe collection

Eatsleeps additional features include the meal planner which is a guide to help you decide what to cook and when to cook; Shopping list of ingredients to buy on the next grocery run; Save recipes that you have liked to your collection for quick access.