Best Recipes in the United States


Pasta Toss Recipe

pasta toss recipe

Preparation Instructions: To your preferred doneness, cook the pasta. Combine all the ingredients in a sizable mixing bowl, excluding the cheese, while the dish is cooking. Drain the pasta, add it to a mixing bowl, toss to combine, then add the cheese. I simply saute whatever I feel like adding to the pasta (chicken, shrimp, … Read more

Popular USA Recipes


10 Popular American Foods of All Time Here are the top 10 American dishes in history. This list includes both comfort food classics and summery favourites. When we think of traditional American foods, our minds immediately turn to the familiar favourites from our youth: hot dogs, fried chicken, and chocolate chip cookies. This cuisine has … Read more

Stuffed Shells

Stuffed shells

This delicious family-friendly pasta meal features jumbo stuffed shells that are packed with three different kinds of cheese and topped with a savoury tomato sauce. These stuffed shells are simple to prepare and are usually a hit. When finished, this buttery, comforting dish resembles a deep-dish pizza. I changed the original recipe because I didn’t … Read more

Traditional Kimchi Recipe


It’s not as difficult or time-consuming as you would imagine to make your own kimchi if you enjoy eating traditional Korean food. Since kimchi is a fermented food, the older it gets, the better it tastes. If you’d rather, swap the apple with a persimmon. Don’t refrigerate if you plan to serve it the very … Read more

Veg Puff Recipe

vegetable stuffed puff pastry

Puff pastry is used to make Vegetable Puff, a delicious recipe for an appetiser or snack filled with a savoury vegetable mixture. These vegetable puffs can be baked or air-fried till golden and crispy before being served hot with a serving of ketchup or chutney for dipping. The mix of a soft, spicy filling within … Read more

Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger

This burger recipe explains how to make wonderful homemade vegetable patties and how to pan fry them in order to produce delicious veggie burgers from scratch. A recipe for the ideal tangy, sweet, and spicy mayonnaise dressing is also provided because no veggie burger is complete without its own particular sauce. What is typically in … Read more

Spinach Feta Frittata Recipe

In 20 minutes, you can have this simple Spinach Feta Frittata on the table. It is produced with just a few ingredients, including Horizon Organic Grassfed Milk, and is flavor-packed. Ideal for any brunch event or a quick weekday meal with a straightforward salad on the side. Egg frittatas, I think we can all agree, … Read more

Jambalaya Recipe

Jambalaya recipe

A simple recipe for jambalaya is perfect comfort food that is bursting with flavour. Onion, celery, and bell peppers (capsicums) sautéed in andouille drippings with garlic, herbs, and Cajun spices make up the fragrant trinity of Cajun/Creole cuisine! This delicious home-cooked dish is made even better by adding chicken and shrimp to the pot of … Read more